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  • Charleigh

“Should we try the middle part today?”

“Can we try the middle part today?”

I cannot tell you how many times a day I am asked this very question… all thanks to the notorious #middlepartchallege , of course. At first, I’m stoked for my client to try something new and exciting. I am definitely THAT stylist who is always 100% down for a change.

But then, I noticed the way she just asked me for this change: how uncomfortable and unsure she was. The tone in her voice was a little shaky and her body language lacked confidence: she was hunched over in my chair, feet crossed, and head down. All signs of low confidence. As a trained professional in what I refer to as “hair-apy,” I have been taught to recognize these behaviors. So what to do now?? How do I flip this appointment around and make this client radiate CONFIDENCE! LIKE MISS USA 🇺🇸! You all know what I mean right? That Beyonce , J-Lo , YASS Queen 👑 moment. Let’s call it , “Mission YES to YASS!”

Here’s the overview:

Mission Yes to YASS

  1. I start by making eye contact. Now I have their attention and they have mine. They need to know that I am 100% here for them.

2. Then I, of course,educate them that not everyone looks good with a middle part! Regardless of what TikTok says! Sorry Gen Z.

3. ENCOURAGE! I say YES! Let’s make a change, let be adventurous, be daring. Let’s try something new!

4.This is the most important part of all, I make recommendations that are within reason. Maybe it is just trying a middle part… or a splash of color in the fringe. Maybe, it’s for the next visit … like a seasonal change. I mean we change what we wear, and what we eat every season, so why not make a subtle seasonal hair change.

5. By far the easiest part of the entire mission is, I deliver. That’s right ,I become a “Hair-magician”, and DELIVER.

6. I set them up for success. I don’t just give them a middle part and call it a day. I teach them how to style it. What products to use, how to hold the brush, blow dryer, and how to maintain their new look.

7. Finally, I remove the cape and 💥 bam! MAX CONFIDENCE! The YASS QUEEN moment we were looking for 👑 . . I just can’t help myself sometimes, I’m Like a proud parent, Bragging to whoever will listen about my client and their FABULOUS new change! I just explode with excitement and praise.

Now, let’s circle back to the beginning of their visit:

Client Then: Low confidence, unsure, and uneasy .

Client Now:Confident , educated, bold and ready to take on the world!

Mission Completed!

It was never about the middle part trend at all. It was about change, taking a risk and becoming more confident, and getting out of whatever rut they’re in and pushing forward.

I am not JUST a hairdresser, I don’t JUST do hair. I am a “hair-apist”, a hair-magician, a cheerleader, an educator, and a self confidence BOOSTER. I would be none of these things without my amazing clients! They make ME more confident and I appreciate every single one of them. I secretly hope this will spark lots of inner Beyonce moments around Gallery Salon. And to my fellow stylists and service providers who are reading this , let’s shake things up a bit. Let’s start encouraging some change, and SAY YES or YASS!



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