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Our team is committed to continuing our education on a regular basis by working closely with Internationally Renowned leaders in the Hair and Spa industries. We take pride in being knowledgeable of new trends, fresh techniques and use only the best products to achieve consistent, quality results.

Our award-winning team of Stylists creates trendy, wearable styles for your family’s everyday lifestyle. We also design stunning polished looks to fit your special occasions such as Proms, Weddings and Events.

Our Estheticians and Make Up Artists are dedicated to providing therapeutic experiences with long lasting results.

We offer complimentary consultations for all of our services and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Get to know our team and trust in us to help you look and feel your best each and every day!



At Gallery Salon we use a level system to accomplish two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various needs. Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget. 


A promotion to each level is based on a number of factors; including: demand on time, skill, experience, and education. As a stylist moves up in levels, you will see a small increase in the cost of their services. This is reflective of the investment our stylists have made in their professional development. 


When choosing to book with one of our stylists there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • All of our stylists are well qualified and you are always in good hands.

  • Each level increases in price to offer options within every budget.

  • Most importantly, we work as a team at Gallery Salon! Feel free to try out any and all of our stylists! For example, you can see one stylist for color and another for a haircut. 

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