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"Am I Too Old for This Trend? – The Age Old Question"

After many years behind the chair, I can’t COUNT the number of times I’ve seen women cutting their hair short or not covering their *sparkles* (we don’t use the words “grey hairs,” they are your sparkles!) because they feel like their age won’t allow it. I’m here to tell you that hair trends have no age limit!

So you’ve had the same style for fifteen years; it’s easy and works with your lifestyle. So, why should I change it? The first thing that I ask my guests who, I feel could use a change is, “how many compliments did you get on your hair this month?” If the answer is none, then I try to come up with something that’s trending but will also mesh with their style and routine. Even just making slight changes can tell us what works, and what doesn’t. We want you to have hair that makes you feel beautiful and highlights your natural beauty. We know it’s working when the compliments come rolling in!

Let’s talk about hair length. Many consultations later, I’ve realized that most women think that long hair makes them look older and that cutting it a certain way will cover something that they don’t like about themselves. Where it can be true that a stylist might suggest shaping a guest’s hair a certain way, we’re not doing that to cover your flaws. Although we as a society always obsess on what others can’t see, as stylists we’re just trying to create a shape that fits your face frame. Enhance what you have!

So you’re looking in the mirror three weeks after you’ve gotten your hair colored and guess what?!? You see gre… I mean SPARKLES, back to haunt you again! You start thinking to yourself that you’re just going to grow it out. Whether your hair is short or long this is a PROCESS and not a pretty one…. You don’t have to go 6 months with a white stripe on your head or cut it off!! These kinds of changes are what stylists are here for, so be sure to ask them about your options.

Just because you’ve gone back grey doesn’t mean the party stops there. Just like being blonde or brunette, you really want a lowlight or extra highlights to enhance the hair. Meryl Streep didn’t just grow out her hair and get that beautiful The Devil Wears Prada look (**spoiler alert** it was a wig…)!

But… we can make slight changes that help make your sparkles shine in the best way! Whatever you decide to do for your new style you have to feel comfortable with that look in order to rock it!

In short, there are no rules to hair other than what you feel comfortable with. Sometimes we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones a little bit in order to get something that we never realized was there all along! You don’t have to have to chop it all off or color it hot pink to be trendy and fun. It’s amazing how stylish you can feel with slight alterations to your existing cut or color. Let’s take life by the BOWL AND BRUSH and shake things up!!

**”Youth and Beauty gif courtesy of Tenor.

**Devil Wear’s Prada gif courtesy of Giphy.



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