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Missy Nuzzolilli

Supervisor | Bridal Specialist

Missy has been with us at Gallery Salon since 2021. She has a strong passion for makeup and believes everyone should have a beauty routine that works for their life. She enjoys every part of the bridal process, from planning to booking to makeup! She attributes the success of her career by working side by side with such a supportive and talented people


Certified Makeup Artist for Glo Skin Beauty, Temptu-Intro to Airbrush




Organizing/planning, Makeup Lessons & Bridal Makeup

Proudest Moment

Doing my first bride!

Fun Fact

Missy played the trumpet for 14 years!!

Additional Information

She says if she could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, she’d choose Charlotte Tilbury. If Missy was trapped on a desert island and could only bring three things, she’d bring her boyfriend, her makeup bag and gummy bears!

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